TGCS Available Numbers (Current as of 3-31-21)

***If the number is blacked out, it is taken.  Numbers Displayed Are Currently Available.  Please Choose 3 available numbers***

Thank you for your interest in the Ultimate Conquest Racing Association!  Your journey towards the Ultimate Conquest begins here on the Registration Page.

Please follow the following process in order to register for the league.

  1. Please locate and write down your iRacing User Name and Customer ID Number.  We use these to ensure that we send the league invitation to the correct iRacing account.
  2. Please select 3 available numbers from those listed on this page with the most desired first.  Two Digit numbers will only be available.
  3. Then fill out the form below.
  4. After your driver profile is reviewed, you will either receive an invitation or an explanation as to why your request to join the league was denied.

*Usually the reason for denial is due to a combination of things including, but not limited to, low iRacing License, Safety Rating, series participated in, and Incidents per Race.

**We require all new applicants be on the iRacing Service for no less than one year and to possess an Oval C License and a 3.00SR as a minimum for consideration unless extenuating circumstances exist such as a newer iRacing member with real world racing experience or a member who primarily races leagues (In which case we will contact previous league admins to inquire about the skill of the applicant).

***All new applicants are on a 10-race probation period where drivers who do not meet our driving standards may be removed from the roster.