Series Championship Sponsorship

This is the main sponsor for the series and is the most visible marketing partner throughout all of our media outlets: Broadcasting, Facebook, and Twitter.

The logo of the Championship Sponsor will be predominantly displayed across our marketing media including any promotional videos released throughout the season.

Advertising - including commercials - will be incorporated with our race broadcast as directed by our broadcasting company.

Championship Sponsorship Package Costs are based primarily upon broadcast costs and will be negotiated prior to the beginning of the season.

The Return on Investment in Sim Racing eSports Broadcasting is outstanding and among the most competitive when compared to any other commercial advertising avenues.

2019 Throwback Indycar Series Championship Sponsor

Nine Four Motorsports Logo -FINAL

Top Qualifier Championship

The fastest of the fast deserve their own championship!

Your company can be a part of showcasing our top qualifiers throughout the season as our drivers push the cars to the absolute limits of control and put everything on the line to lay down the fastest qualifying laps each week.

The reward for the Top Qualifier is up to the sponsor of this championship and we can't wait to partner with a dedicated company who would like to highlight their brand while the drivers and fans follow this drama throughout the season.

Podium Sponsor

While rewards for a season championship are the pinnacle of any race season, let us not forget that in order to win the war, you must win the battles!

Each week we will award the top 3 finishers who stand atop the podium with cash prizes either in the form of iRacing Credits or the equivalent prize money.

This sponsor will have the podium named after them and will be featured in the post-race interviews of the podium drivers.

This sponsorship package starts at $700 and may be increased if the sponsor wishes to increase the winning prize purse.

At $700 the First Place finisher will receive $20; Second Place, $10; and Third Place, $5.

Driver Spotlight Sponsor

Let's face it: drivers love attention.

...and so do sponsors...!

This is a great sponsorship package because each week you get to showcase three different drivers as they compete throughout each race.

Those three drivers rotate every week so you will be a sure-fire hit with the drivers on the roster since each one will have a chance to get some broadcast time a few times a year no matter where they run throughout the field.

2020 Driver Spotlight Sponsorship: $200/year

2020 Driver Spotlight Sponsorship Secured!!!

TBA - So Stay Tuned!!!