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Country: United States

City: Fort Walton Beach

State: Florida

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I have have been blessed with opportunities to work and drive in SCCA, IMSA, and NASCAR. You wont find any of my accomplishments in record books, but rather in what I have learned and been able to a passion into a career.

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There were really only two paths my life could have taken. Apparently I was watching the UAH Chargers hockey team within weeks of birth, so I was born to play hockey, right? I did, for a while, but I guess being the son of a Road Atlanta employee in the early 80's had more impact than I could have ever realized. After all, with being exposed to personalities like Bundy, Earwood, and Newman, how could a kid not fall in love with Motorsports. While I don't really remember the exposure I had at Road Atlanta in the early 80's, I do remember attending the final SCCA Runoffs in 1993. From that day forward, I knew Motorsports was where I wanted to be. Fast forward 25 years and I have been able to achieve more than I could have ever dreamed. The knowledge and relationships I have in Motorsports have shaped me both on and off the race track. I find myself excited to go to work, excited to go the track, and excited to race with my friends on iRacing.