Welcome to the Ultimate Conquest Online Racing Association!  Thank you for your interest!

We hope the following answers to commonly asked questions will provide you with a better perspective about our organization.

What racing platform is utilized?

At this time, UCORA is utilizing the iRacing simulation service.  We have no immediate plans to expand into other racing simulation titles.

What are the requirements to join?

Currently we accept drivers who have attained an iRacing D License.

We will grant waivers to this requirement in limited, extenuating circumstances (such as real-world racing experience or a driver who participates mainly in competitive, hosted leagues).

How do I join?

Three steps must be completed:

  1. Read the Rules which can be found on our Rules Page
  2. Register through the website.
    1. This provides us with more detailed information about you.

Is there a cost to join?

Not at this time.

We are currently building our rosters in an effort to showcase our league to as many people as possible.

In the future, as interest grows and rosters become filled, we will transition to a paid league format where all entry fees will go directly into the purse for the Series in which the drivers applies for.

The race winnings will be funded through those purses.

What is the quality of the racing?

Our entire goal is to cultivate a culture and environment where drivers can feel comfortable racing wheel-to-wheel while utilizing a high level of racecraft to ensure a fun and fulfilling experience for all of the competitors.

We will accomplish this through establishing realistic standards via a straight-forward rule book while being consistent and fair in the enforcement of those rules.

Our At-Fault Incident System is designed to provide administration officials the capability to identify drivers who make consistent, poor on-track decisions; and cause accidents.

They can then apply proper discipline actions which include driver counseling or removing those types of drivers from the roster either through suspensions or loss of License to compete in a particular series.