Our Approach

Our Approach to e-Sports Racing Leagues

The goal of the Ultimate Classic Online Racing Association is to create a league that will be the next evolution in the E-Sports Racing experience.

Online racing has always faced numerous challenges with the most prominent being:

How do leagues manage the delicate balance between attracting new drivers and growing their roster while establishing on-track standards and enforcing those standards?

Many times league officials are, just as in the real world, afraid to turn anyone away for the sake of having a large roster and a full field of cars.

However, I have always been of the opinion that most drivers out there are looking for a league that establishes realistic expectations and holds drivers accountable for their on-track conduct in a fair, consistent manner.

In my experience in driving race cars, for every one reckless driver a track allows to participate, they keep two or three drivers at home with their cars in a garage instead of on a race track simply because they do not want to submit themselves to unnecessary accidents.

Our ultimate goal is to create an online league that recreates the responsibilities and pressures that real-world drivers face every season:

Race hard and compete every week; but tearing up race cars on a regular basis has serious ramifications because there are owners and sponsors they must answer to.

To achieve that culture, we will institute an effective At-Fault Incident System which will hold drivers accountable for their on-track decision making and penalize them when they demonstrate consistent, poor racecraft.

Furthermore, as the league grows, we will incorporate a ladder system of "feeder" series where drivers either earn the opportunity to move up into more prestigious series...  or be relegated to lower series due to finishing too far down in the Championship Standings.

Our unique approach to E-Sports racing leagues is designed to promote driver responsibility; cultivate hard, CLEAN RACING; and foster an environment that will hopefully create a great community of drivers where gritty competition and fun go hand-in-hand.

Our Story

Our Story

In 1994, while working at Electronics Boutique in Pittsburgh, I purchased the first copy of NASCAR Racing from Papyrus (now iRacing) that arrived at our store.

I became an Air Traffic Controller in the United States Air Force in 1998 and was privileged to be deployed twice over my nine-year enlistment: Kirkuk AB, Iraq in 2002 and Al Nasiriyah, Iraq in 2006.

When Nascar Racing 4 was released in 2000, I started my first, successful league.

Over the years, I got away from online racing until I accidentally stumbled on iRacing and not only got involved with online racing once more, but I also started to race in the real world.

As an oval racer on iRacing, I only participated in road racing as a novelty.  However, after a year of learning, I fell in love with road racing in general and open wheel racing in particular.  Formula 1 racing to be precise.

I've taken lessons learned from my online racing experience; time with leagues that were both exceptionally well run and others not so much; added as many things that I personally believe would make a robust, engaging, fun league; and created UCORA.

I truly hope you enjoy racing with us!

Meet the UCORA Team

Here are the dedicated League Administrators who are dedicated to making your online racing experience a fun and fulfilling one.

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Scott Bolster

Founder & Owner

Started sim racing in 1989 with Indianapolis 500: The Simulation from Papyrus and worked through most racing simulators over the years, finally culminating with iRacing.

Started his first sim racing league in 2000 and finally made the leap into racing in the real world in 2015.