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In 2003 the Italian chassis manufacturer Dallara Automobili debuted the IR-03 in the Indycar Series and retired the Third generation open-wheeler in 2011 as the last IR-05 crossed the finish line at the IZOD Indycar World Championship at Las Vegas.

On February 7, 2019 UCORA will be bringing that amazing automobile back to life as the new Throwback Indycar Series takes to the high banks of Homestead Speedway to kick off the inaugural Throwback Indycar Series.

A 20-race season will challenge its drivers across the most incredible race tracks that North America has to offer.  They will pit their skills against one another as they battle side pod to side pod around the most iconic oval tracks and push their cars to the limits around the twisting, writhing corners of some of the most incredible road and street courses across the continent.

TIS 2021 Round 1 Race Winner
New tires dominate after the final restart of the 2021 Throwback Indycar Series season opener at Homestead-Miami Speedway!

Rick Ravon made the decision to take on new tires during the second, late-race caution and carved his way back through the field with only 8 laps remaining in the race to take the lead in the final turn.
While race leader, Paul Jenkins, had victory in sight and Justin Kirby filling his mirrors on the final lap, Ravon to the bottom of the track entering the final turn and setting up a potential three-wide horse race to the finish line.
Unfortunately, with Kirby in the middle trying to claw for grip and Jenkins on the outside, Kirby slid up and crowded Jenkins up the track where slight netcode nudged him into the wall, ending his hopes podium finish.
Drivers applauded the race as one of the most exciting in the series' two season history and are looking forward to the rest of what is sure to be an incredible 2021 journey to the championship.
2020 Champion
A long and arduous season has come to an exciting close. The championship battle was one that any series could possibly hope for: overcoming adversity... fighting back against early-season setbacks... and a relentless march up the standings to try to surpass another driver's unparalleled consistency.
Paul Jenkins drove a masterful season and despite not standing on the top step of the podium at the conclusion of any of the races, his capability to perpetually be near the front of the field round after round was everything a driver could be proud of.
He would finish second in the Championship Standings.
To say that the early stages of the season made Brian Beard's chances at a second championship look bleak would be an understatement. Despite several early, disappointing races as well as health issues, the march back to the top of the standings could be described as nothing short of herculean for Brian.
The ingemination of the championship would prove exponentially more difficult the second time in as many seasons. However that only makes the victory that much more exhilarating and fulfilling.
Also repeating their 2019 championship performance was Andy Yerk who holds the record for all-time starts in the series and his dedication to making the grid every round rewards him with another place on the third step of the Championship Podium.
This season was incredible: relentlessly hard racing, outstanding storylines not only for the championship but for each and every race.
Season 3 is poised to be one of the best Indycar seasons that you're likely to come across. With it being classic racing in the IR05, we give you one of the most unique and fun experiences that you'll find on iRacing.
See you all in 2021!
It's going to be mega.
TIS 2020 Round 20 - Race Winner
TIS 2020 Round 19 Race Winner Stofer

Round 19 Race winner Chris Stofer!

TIS 2020 Round 18 Race Winner Beard
The final 30 laps of Round 19 of the Nine Four Motorsports Throwback Indycar Series could only be described as such while the gambit of emotions was rampant for virtually every driver battling for a top 10 finish including the two drivers locked in the fight for the championship lead.
Rick Ravon fought his way to the front of the field and was locked in a savage battle with Chris Stofer while Brian Beard waged his own clash with Justin Kirby with Paul Jenkins feverishly trying to move forward and preserve his championship lead.
As the laps dwindled away and the tensions ratcheted tighter, Jenkins pushed up the track into Kirby and found himself tumbling down the front stretch.
The resulting restart would culminate with a one-lap shootout.
Or it would have except the combination of old tires and the hot track wreaked havoc with race leader Ravon and many of the top ten drivers and the resulting calamity may have been a tragedy for Ravon and the others who lost control, it was the break of the season for Jenkins who carved his way through the chaos to take home a fifth place finish.
Chris Stofer would take home his fourth victory with Beard coming home second and Christopher Mitrision rounding out the podium.
TIS 2020 Round 18 - Pole Award
TIS 2020 Round 17 Race Winner Ramler
Just when Scott Ramler thought he had the top spot locked up with a 22.083 lap, Travis Bennett laid down a blistering time of 22.080 to take the iRacers Lounge Pole Award!

Just when Scott Ramler thought he had the top spot locked up with a 22.083 lap, Travis Bennett laid down a blistering time of 22.080 to take the iRacers Lounge Pole Award!

TIS 2020 Round 15 Winner - Stofer
Oh what a race!
You'd think that over 40 laps of green flag racing would stretch out the field... not on your life!
A 20-lap three-car battle for the win resulted in a 0.045 second victory for Chris Stofer over series newcomer M Scott Rambler and a 0.422 second margin over Brian Beard in third place!
The fight for 4th through 8th was a wild one all the way through the final turn that saw several cars in that pack finish the race tumbling down the front straight and across the finish line!
Did you miss this race on Global SimRacing Channel? Head over to their YouTube channel and watch one of the most exciting Indycar Races of 2020!
2020 Round 9 - Charlotte Winner Bunch
TGS Round 8 Winner - Lanini
The Top Gun Cup Series rolled into Talladega tonight and Chris Lanini's strategic, final, green-flag pit stop put him out ahead of the pack and was able to put him in Victory Lane!
Next week the series heads to Charlotte! Will there be a 'pass-in-the-grass'? We'll just have to see!
2020 Round 14 Winner - Galvin
Jason Galvin took his first UCORA victory last Thursday at the Legacy Phoenix International Raceway!
Galvin led 125 laps out of the 200 ran and came out on top after a late race caution resulted in one-lap shootout to the checkered flag.
2020 iRacing Lounge Pole Award Logo

It's with great pleasure that we are able to announce a new partnership with iRacers Lounge!

We are excited to be able to do our part in bringing much deserved attention to this wonderful podcast which endeavors to bring you insightful and informative stories and in-depth coverage of everything going on with the iRacing service!

For the remainder of the 2020 Throwback Indycar Series Season, the fastest qualifier will be awarded the "iRacers Lounge Pole Award" during our broadcasts.

This newest award gives us even more capability to highlight our amazing drivers who make this series the incredible show that it is.

Be sure to tune in to the Global SimRacing Channel on August 13 when the IR-05 Indycars head out west to the 2008 version of the Phoenix International Raceway for Round 14 of the Nine Four Motorsports Throwback Indycar Series!

Let's see who snags that very first iRacers Lounge Pole Award!

2020 Round 6 Winner - Jeffers

Here's the Top Gun Cup Series Round 6 Winner at Michigan!

Erik Jeffers dominated in superb fashion including battling through a late-race restart to claim the victory!

A great night for a series that is growing stronger each round!

2020 TIS Round 13 Winner - Ravon

The Third Generation Dallara Indycar and Michigan International Speedway could easily be one of the most exciting track/car combination North American racing history.

Pack racing at 210MPH+ is a mental exercise in patience, aggression, and prophecy.

Last night's race saw the most exciting action in series history and a breathtaking, late race battle was nothing short of a knife-fight-in-a-phone booth.

The battle came to a heart-stopping crescendo with two laps to go when Dan Geren made a hard charge from the middle of the lead pack to pounce on a wide open low lane through Turns 1 and 2 and put the front runners three wide.

Unfortunately, the front tires couldn't hold the bottom on corner exit and Geren washed up just enough to make contact with Rick Ravon, sending him into Jason Galvin and triggering the final caution under which the race would finish.

Ravon, despite the contact, was able to pull it out of the fire and put his Dallara ahead of Geren when the caution flag fell.

He would led the field to the Checkered Flag under yellow and close the book on 100 laps of white-knuckle, mentally exhausting racing that earned him his second win of the season.

Round 14 sees the series head out to the Legacy Phoenix International Raceway in three weeks, on August 13!

2020 Round 12 race winner

Brian Beard led wire-to-wire throughout Round 12 at Road America in the Throwback Indycar Series.

Amazing battles occured throughout the field for the entire race and proved to be a great show!

2020 Round 11 Winner
Round 10 Winner Jake Wright
Top Gun Race Winner Round 3

By Todd Rose



New Name and Car Highlight Round Three of Newly Branded UCORA Top Gun Cup Series:

The third round of the UCORA Throwback Cup series brought two new items to the table, a new car and a rebranding for the series itself. On the vehicle side of things, the league has made the move from the ARCA Menards Chevrolet (reminiscent of NASCAR Cup Cars ca.1995-2007) to a true classic with the newly unveiled 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and Ford Thunderbird. The stock paint scheme for the cars are replicas of Dale Earnhardt’s Wrangler number three and Bill Elliott’s Coors’ number nine.

As mentioned above, the series itself has undergone a rebranding and, as a result, undergone a name change. To help set itself aside from other “throwback” and “classic” leagues on iRacing that are rising in popularity with the new vehicles, and release of North Wilkesboro, the series will from round three froward be the Top Gun Cup Series. The new moniker, an homage to the classic 80s film of the same name, will no doubt help this UCORA league stand out amongst the other leagues paying tribute to racing of years gone by.

On the racing side of things this week, the action was brought to the 3/4 mile Richmond Raceway, a track which NASCAR has visited since 1988. Prior to September of that year, races were held on the old Richmond track which measured just a hair over a half mile in length. That track played host to many memorable moments, including Darrell Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt’s classic clash in turn three when racing for the win. Or the time, again, Earnhardt drove down the frontstretch hanging out his driver’s side window to clean his windshield. The final race before the track was reconfigured to its current state was won by Neil Bonnett.

After a 10 minute long qualifying session it would be William Moore and Jon Hall starting on the front row. Rolling off in the third position would be Todd Laribee who entered the night first in the points standings. Winner of the last round at Rockingham Speedway, Erik Jeffers, would start his night from the 14th spot.

Two hundred laps would be the race distance for the drivers to tackle in order to determine the victor. In the early going, it seemed the race would settle into a long green flag run. However, before the race hit the quarter length mark, caution flag fever began to plague the race. With the new vehicle, some drivers found the limit quicker than others, resulting in the rash of incidents. The issue was only compounded further by differing strategies as some drivers chose to pit for new tires and others not, resulting in a major difference in speed between fresh and old rubber.

The biggest accident of the race came with 45 laps remaining when Erik Jeffers got loose exiting turn two while running in the fourth position. With his back end swinging, Jeffers made contact with Todd Laribee which sent him spinning and slamming into the wall with the rest of the field baring down on his stricken car. At least seven cars were involved in the melee. Laribee was immediately apologizing to Jeffers for the incident via the voice chat. Jeffers, however, was not upset in the slightest, assuring Laribee that it was simply an accident and no more than a racing deal. The crash was only one of 18 total caution flags.

The race would end with a long green flag run that was extinguished by a caution with two laps remaining, ensuring the race ended under caution. When the dust settled, it was Justin Kirby taking the win with a car that told the story of the race, see the photos below (See Comments).

Behind Kirby in second and third Jon Hall and William Moore, both who at one point in the race looked to be the favorite. Hall led the most laps, showing the way for a combined 69 laps. Coming home in strong fourth place was points leader Todd Laribee who continues to show strength in the early weeks of the Top Gun Cup Series.

In the days after the tumultuous Richmond race, the decision was made to modify the rules of the Top Gun Series. In an effort to provide a stronger and better league, the following changes have been implemented:

- Drivers are no longer allowed any quick repairs.
- Any driver involved in two cautions will be parked for the remainder of that event.
- New minimum registration requirements for competitors, including:
>Minimum of C License and 3.00SR
>Minimum of 1 year on the service
>New drivers are on a 10-race evaluation period where
they can, if they do not meet expectations, be removed
from the league.
>The first two items may be waived in special cases of
real-world driving experience or someone who primarily
races leagues (this will be verified).

Also being implemented will be tire limits for each race as well as restart violations. In the early days of the series, it is great to see action being taken to help create not just a good place for classic racing, but the best place for classic racing.

The new changes will go into effect at the Darlington Raceway in round four of the Top Gun Cup Series. That race will be Thursday June 25 at 9 PM EST.

After dominating the opening stages of the race, the slightest of mistakes saw Scott Ramler looking at a top finish slip away.
...or so he thought...
A gamble and some fortunate cautions helped him get not only back on the lead lap but also there with fresh tires with enough time to mount the recovery of the season and claw his way to victory.
Chris Stofer also overcame some early-race incidents with contact on pit entry while under yellow and a four-wheel slide that cost him several positions. He would finish on the second step of the podium.
Justin Kirby would shake that pesky monkey off his back and score his first podium of the season in third place.
The Throwback Indycar Series will be back this upcoming week in the most unique race in UCORA history as the series waits for the sun to go down then heads to the Daytona Road Course for the Grand Prix of Lake Lloyd and 42 laps under the lights!
2020 Round 9 Winner Brian Beard

By: Todd Rose



The ninth round of racing in the UCORA Throwback IndyCar Series emanated from the virtual Watkins Glen International Thursday night. Two weeks ago, the series visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in what turned out to be a terrific show claimed by Joseph Hassert. Even with the trading of packs and full throttle racing for twists, turns, and elevation changes, the racing was still highly entertaining.

Claiming the pole in qualifying was Dan Geren, who entered the week second in points. Next to him on the front row was Brian Beard, who also sat next to Geren in the points in third place. Points leader, Paul Jenkins, would roll off from the fifth starting position. Twenty seven cars in total lined up for the green flag to run the 44 lap race.

Geren would jump into the lead after the drop of the green flag and lead the field through the first lap around The Glen. Behind him, though, several drivers found themselves in trouble in turn one. As can be expected with any race at Watkins Glen, whether it be NASCAR, IndyCar, or IMSA, the first turn of the first lap was a hotspot for issues. Involved in the turn on tussle was Erik Jeffers, who was the first car to go around, John Garrett, and Jordon Mondigo.

While the drivers up front fell into a semi orderly rhythm, racing further back in the pack was intense. One of these intense battles saw Jason Galvin, Marc Cohn, and Jeff Wubker go three wide down the backstretch for the seventh position while Hugo Galaz watched closely behind.

Back up front, Dan Geren came under attack from Brian Beard. Beard would take the lead on lap 6. Geren, falling to second, soon came under attack from Justin Kirby but was able to hold onto the second spot. Further back in the top ten, Jason Galvin would spin out of the final corner, falling from sixth position to outside the top 20.

The battle for second turned into trouble just past the quarter mark of the race. Dan Gerne, tucked into Justin Kirby’s slipstream, made contact with the rear of Kirby’s car, sending Kirby spinning into the gravel. Somehow, Kirby managed to stay inside the top ten while Jackson Freer moved to third. Meanwhile, Brian Beard began to stretch his lead to almost four seconds.

At the end of lap 15, the front runners of Beard, Geren, and Freer, all came into the pits for service while Paul Jenkins, Hugo Galaz, and Jeff Wubker stayed out for an additional lap. Jenkins and Wubker both narrowly avoided disaster as a car spun ahead of them at the pit entrance, causing both to take evasive action to miss the stricken car.

After pit stops cycled through, Brian Beard resumed his position as leader of the race. The second place battle continued to rage on between Jackson Freer and Dan Gerne with those two trading that spot back and forth. Somehow, Jason Galvin had already worked his way back into the tenth spot roughly 15 laps after his spin dropped him down the order.

At halfway, things up front had calmed down for the most part while battles in the midpack turned attention their way. Chris Lanini, Hugo Galaz, and Diego Asensos, running 12th through 14th, butted heads with each other with Lanini eventually coming out in 12th with Asensos and Galaz falling in line behind him. Unfortunately, Jason Galvin would drop out of the race at this point despite his incredible recovery to the top ten.

In the closing laps of the race, it was all Brian Beard up front, as he led 13 seconds clear of the field. Behind him it was anyone’s guess who would take home second. Dan Geren, who had held the spot for most of the race, spun exiting the boot section of the track, allowing Brandon Shown and Jackson Freer to battle for the second step on the podium. With the white flag in reach, Freer replicated the Geren incident, except Freer found the wall. Shown moved into second. Moving into third place was the race’s biggest mover Jake Wright, who started all the way back in 24th.

Brian Beard would take the top step of the podium with his first win of the season. Second and third went to Brandon Shown and Jake Wright in that order. Beard became the sixth different winner in nine races, once again showing the competitive nature of the UCORA Throwback IndyCar Series.

The next race for the UCORA Throwback IndyCar Series will take place in two weeks time at the Richmond Raceway.

Throwback Cup Race Winner Template

UCORA Throwback Cup Series Takes on The Rock

By: Todd Rose



The second ever round of the UCORA Throwback Cup Series took the racing action to Rockingham Speedway for what turned out to be a, pardon the pun, rocky race.

The last time there was a sanctioned NASCAR race at the Rockingham Speedway in real life was in 2013 when the NASCAR Truck Series visited the track. The last Cup Series event to take place at The Rock was in 2004, a race that saw Matt Kenseth hold off Kasey Kahne in a photo finish.

Setting fast time in qualifying was Erik Jeffers with a lap of 21.231 seconds. Breathing down his neck, though, were Justin Kirby, Justin Burns, and Curtis Preston. All four drivers clocked times within four one hundreths of a second of one another.

The race, scheduled for 197 laps or 1 Hour and 50 Minutes, took the green flag and ran several laps with no issue, then the cautions started. Despite the plague of cautions, there were a few times when the race entered a green flag pattern, allowing drivers to move through the field as tires started to wear. One driver that was a blast to watch during these runs was Todd Laribee.

Laribee, who started in the 17th position, seemingly was able to put his car wherever he pleased as he muscled his way through traffic. Other drivers such as Justin Weaver, Bruce Pearson, and Andrew Ratcliff also were able to make their way from starting outside the top 15 to battle in the top 10.

As mentioned above, the race was no stranger to the yellow flag. With frequent cautions, the race changed from 197 laps in length to a time certain race. The race length would become dependent on how many laps could fit into the 1 Hour 50 Minute time window. With every extra caution lap run, the race length would begin to drop.

The race entered the final minutes of the race, around the lap 160 mark, as the caution flew for what would be the final time. Prior to the caution, the two front runners, Joseph Hassert and Curtis Preston, tussled for the lead, with contact being made between the two, as seen below.

Following the restart, Hassert jumped back to the lead. But as the field came out of turn four to see the whit flag, it was Preston who was looking to take the top spot from Hassert. Preston dove to the inside of Hassert and on to the apron with a full head of steam. With neither driver wanting to give an inch, contact was made sending both cars out of control into turn one. The accident can be seen in the gallery below.

Somehow, Erik Jeffers made his way under the spinning Hassert and the limping Preston to take the lead as the accident behind claimed at least a half-dozen cars. Jeffers would take the win while Todd Laribee took home a second place finish. Despite the incident, Curtis Preston held on to finish in the third spot.

As the League readies to take on Richmond in two weeks time, it also readies for a switch to the brand new 1987 Thunderbird and Monte Carlo being introduced by iRacing in conjunction with the recent release of North Wilkesboro. It will be interesting to see who gets up to speed in the car and who struggles with the change next time out.

Another solid race last night in the Top Gun Cup Series!
2 cautions over 133 laps under the lights of the legacy Charlotte Motor Speedway allowed the consistency of Corey Bunch to reward him with the victory.
Chris Stofer comes in second and Joseph Yakes comes home third!
Round 8 Winner - Joe Hassert

UCORA IndyCar Throwback Series Puts on Dazzling Show at Indianapolis


By: Todd Rose


Unlike the UCORA Throwback Cup Series, which began its season last week, the UCORA IndyCar Throwback Series is already well underway as Thursday night brought round eight for the series at, fittingly for Memorial Day Weekend, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The series uses the old Dallara IndyCar chassis that was retired following the end of the 2011 IndyCar season prior to the introduction of the DW12. As is tradition for IndyCar at IMS, four laps were in store for drivers in qualifying, though unlike the real Indianapolis 500 it was the fastest lap and not the four lap average which would indicate where a driver would start.

When time expired in the ten minute qualifying session, it was Brian Beard, who entered the race third in the points standings, who turned the fastest time. Joining him on the front row would be Jason Galvin. The two drivers would be attached at the hip from the drop of the green flag come race time. Points leader coming into the week, Dan Geren, would find himself starting in the sixth position.

As mentioned earlier, the vehicle used in the series is the IndyCar chassis retired in 2011, that wouldn’t be the only thing from 2011 being used for the race. The weather for the iRacing session was identical to the conditions seen in the 2011 running of the Indianapolis 500. Of course, that race is remembered for its iconic finish that saw J.R. Hildebrand hit the turn four wall on the last lap allowing Dan Wheldon to score his second Indianapolis 500 win.

When the 200 mile, 80 lap, race began, however, it was much more reminiscent of 2001 than 2011. Within the first 20 laps, the caution flag flew three times with several of the front runners finding issues early. The opening lap saw Abigail Winters race come to an end after contact from Tyler Graaf sent both cars into the wall and out of the race. Laps after the first restart, points leader Dan Geren made an uncharacteristic mistake exiting pit lane, spinning into the outside wall bringing out another caution.

On the next restart, an accordion style crash would collect polesitter Brian Beard and Nate Burck. Both drivers were able to limp back to the pits and use their fast repair to rejoin the action. After reviewing the restart, race officials handed out a black flag to leader Brandon Shown for a restart violation which was deemed the cause of the accident.

After the early rash of yellows, the race entered into a decently long green flag run, with most drivers following each other in lockstep. Just when it looked like things were about to settle down for the long run with green flag pit stops, the caution flew as leaders began to pull off track into the pit lane. Some, like Jason Galvin and Jake Wright were unlucky as they were caught in the pits under yellow. Others, like Chris Lanini and Brian Greenlee, were able to avoid entering the closed pit lane.

With drivers pitting under yellow, Brian Beard, who had made a green flag stop and lost a lap, got the wave around and joined the field at the back of the pack. Joining him there was Jason Galvin. Entering turn three on the opening lap back to green Galvin took a look down the inside of Beard. Suddenly, Beard’s car was sent spinning and into the wall. Though contact was likely the culprit, the below pictures show it may have been a case of netcode contact.

The race would resume just shy of the halfway point. For the second time in the race, a long run was in store for the drivers, but that didn’t stop the leaders from dicing it up for the lead. Even though there was half a race to run, Justin Kirby, Joseph Hassert, and Erik Jeffers, among others in the lead pack, ran closely together, trading the lead several times. A yellow flag with 25 laps to go set the drivers up for their final pit stops, taking fuel out of the equation.

More frantic racing would be showcased following the restart as the end of the race began to rapidly approach. Joining the party up front was Takeshi Kita, who wasn’t afraid to push the envelope in hopes of making a pass stick. In the cover photo of this report, Kita is the outermost car in a four wide battle down the frontstretch. Also joining Kita was Jason Galvin who had finally clawed his way from the back of the pack to contend for the win. Another caution set up a sprint to the finish.
With only eight laps to go when the race restarted, the action was sure to be wild. As Joseph Hassert led the field, what he saw in his mirrors was surely music to his ears. While drivers battled for second place side by side, Hassert began to pull away. The music, however, would soon turn to the Jaws theme, as Takeshi Kita made his way to second and closed right in on Hassert’s rear wing.

The race would end in anticlimactic fashion, however, as a melee in turn four in the closing laps forced the race to finish under caution. Regardless of the finish, the race itself was full of incredible action and respectful racing between the drivers.

Coming out on top after withstanding an onslaught from behind was Joseph Hassert. In second was Takeshi Kita, who may have been the most exciting driver to watch all day. Third place went to Justin Kirby while Jason Galvin recovered to take home fourth place.

While points contenders Brian Beard and Dan Geren had issues, Paul Jenkins reaped the benefits with a solid seventh place finish.

The next UCORA League race will be the Throwback Cup Series next Thursday night with action at the Rockingham Speedway. As for the IndyCar Throwback Series, they resume action in two weeks time at Watkins Glen.

For more information regarding UCORA or iRacing, you can follow the links below for more information regarding both.

Round 7 Winner Shown

Brandon "The Sidewinder" Shown eviscerates the field in the Grand Prix of Tochigi at the Twin Ring Motegi Grand Prix Circuit.

Brian Beard finishes a strong Second with Jeff Wubker coming home in Third.

Race contact during the last fuel stint caused enough aerodynamic damage to Dan Geren's Dallara to see a podium finish slip through his fingers; but he still managed a solid Fifth Place that helped him to climb atop the Championship Standings.

Championship contender Paul Jenkins finished 8th and now trails Geren by 17 points in Second Place.

Beard closes to within 15 points of and resides in Third Place in the standings.

2020 Round 6 Winner Dan Geren
Rick Ravon 2020 Las Vegas Winner

Rick Ravon wind the barn-burner of a race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway last Thursday!

Brian Yaczik battled hard for the Second Place finish while Gaston Arellano achieved his first podium finish in his 2020 campaign!

Nine Four Throwback Indycar Series Official 2019 Logo
Justin Kirby has finally broken through and claimed victory in the final race of the 2020 season at Charlotte Motor Speedway!!
After 7 Top 5 finishes and far too many race victories that slipped away, his perseverance finally paid off in the season finale!

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Throwback Cup Series!

It will take drivers back to a time before engineers and aerodynamics ruled stock car racing and put victory squarely back into the hands of the drivers!

Starting May 2020!

Round 4 Dan Geren Winner
Round 3 - Brandon Shown Winner
Round 2 - Chris Stofer Winner
Chris Stofer Winner 2020 Rd 1

Bienvenido a Miami!

The off season came to a welcome end on Thursday evening as the Green Flag fell on the 2020 campaign of the Nine-Four Motorsports Throwback Indycar Season.

A record number of 20 drivers took to the Homestead-Miami Speedway and the excitement continued from the Green Flag to the Checkered Flag with tight, hard-fought battles all throughout
the field.

Paul Jenkins put his AeroX machine on the Pole Position and brought the field of anxious drivers to the grid. He led the first lap but was overtaken by Chris Stofer who started third
on the grid and skillfully knifed his way around Erik Jeffers and Jenkins to take the top spot. Stofer never looked back and led a walloping 130 laps of the scheduled 133!

The battle for the lead was shaping up superbly as Rick Ravon moved up from his fifth place starting position and tucked into second place for what he had hoped would be the long haul.

Unfortuenately connection issues would rob him of his chance to challenge Stofer for the win as he dropped from the server on lap 24.

Ravon wasn't the only driver in the field to have hardware or connection issues: Reigning 2019 champion, Brian Beard, was also bitten with connection bugs and had to reload back into the session only to finish four laps down and settling for a disappointing sixteenth place result.

Brian Greenlee, returning from a shoulder injury that cut his promising 2019 season short, suffered hardware issues that caused his retirement from competition on lap 61.

Dan Geren made the most of every opportunity and skillfully recovered from a semi-spin while coming into the pits for service on lap 93. His fast recovery and ability to lay down
consistent, fast laps allowed him to recover superbly to finish on the second step of the podium.

The fight for the final step of the podium was an all-out, 36-lap battle between Kieran Brughelli and Greg West. Brughelli pulled out all of the defensive moves to valiently fend off
every daring attempt by West to pry third place away from him. However, the final laps of that contest were cut short.

Contact between Travis Bennett, who was running in seventh place on the lead lap, and Jose Miguel Phillips Viguera, racing in twelfth place one lap down, would bring out the Yellow
Flag that would result in the race finishing under caution.

Thank you to our sponsors!!!

Nine Four Motorsports Midwest Simulations D2 Race Designs Rogue Energy

D2 Racing Designs

The Throwback Indycar Series takes great pride in the relationships we build with our series' sponsors.

We are always excited to add a business to our marketing partners and it's even more fulfilling when it's a friend who is building their brand as we build ours.

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with D2 Race Designs as our Top Qualifier Championship Sponsor for the 2020 campaign.

Everything that the drivers in the Throwback Indycar Series do on track counts toward their Championship hopes; and that includes awarding points for qualifying efforts.

Not only do we add those points to the overall Championship points but we also track Qualifying as a separate Championship.

Last season it was for bragging rights.

In 2020, it will be for a custom button box!

D2 Racing Designs not only creates sim racing hardware to make you more competitive on track, they also design and make equipment for R/C competition that makes your days at the track more efficient and enjoyable!

We want to thank the owner of D2 Racing Designs, Dan Geren, for this exciting opportunity and we look forward to seeing which of our drivers will push themselves to the limits throughout all of the qualifying sessions of the 2020 campaign!

Midwest Simulations Spotlights Logo

We welcome Midwest Simulations as a new marketing partner for 2020!

Every race, they will enable Global SimRacing Channel to focus on several drivers throughout the field as they battle for victory!

Their new Spotlight Virtual Spotter System is an incredible addition to your simracing experience!

You see, split seconds can be the difference between victory and catastrophe and while iRacing's audible spotter system is good, there is still some delay between when the system triggers the spotter to make the call and the computer plays the corresponding audio file that lets you know.

The "Spotlights" system is different: it's instantaneous. There's no delay in letting you know that the hole you thought you had is no longer there or that you can't dive to the apex on corner entry because that attacking driver was able to get alongside at the last, critical instant.

It's a piece of equipment that can honestly save some races that otherwise may have resulted in disaster.

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Nate Burck Winner

The Season Finale at Charlotte was a fun one that saw Brian Beard clinch the inaugural Throwback Indycar Series Championship as well as a first time winner: Nate Burck!

Beard Winner COTA


Brandon Shown started second on the grid but boldly snatched the lead from pole sitter Brian Beard with an incredibly impressive pass on the outside of Turn 1 on the first lap.

He would remain in a closely contested battle with Beard throughout the first fuel stint but would make a costly mistake on worn tires through the final, highly-technical sector would give Beard the lead and pose a large hill to climb throughout the rest of the race for Shown.

Beard would lead the remainder of the race to claim the victory while Shown would wheel his Dallara IR05 back up through the field to take the second step on the podium.

Andy Yerk would see his consistency pay off and yield a third place finish at the final road course of the season and solidify his second place position in the Season Championship.

iRacing's Week 13 update posed several issues with John Garrett and Jose Miguel Phillips Viguera with their cars being the victims of a pit glitch that prevented them from being released from their pit stalls after servicing.

The Throwback Indycar Series gears up for next week's final round under the lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway and will crown the inaugural Throwback Indycar Series Champion!

Travis Bennett Pocono Winner

The Tricky Triangle

With a championship lead that can still be considered as vulnerable with a poor race result in the upcoming weeks, Brian Beard came into the 18th round of the Throwback Indycar Series looking for another top finish in order to stay ahead of Andy Yerk who was well within striking distance to regain the top slot in the championship battle.

After the pack racing that was Chicagoland, Pocono proved to be a different animal. It was a leg-it-out, 80-lap marathon that made Brian Beard’s uncharacteristic 8th place qualifying effort an even larger hill to climb.

Chris Stofer, the resident qualifying extraordinaire, started yet another race from the Pole and went on to lead a race-high 69 laps.

Series newcomer, Tyler Graaf took the lead on lap 5 and proceeded to pace the field until lap 8 when Richard Swavely clipped the apron in Turn 1, spun the car and collected Nate Burck. Both drivers were able to tow back to the pits where they would be forced to cash in on their one Fast Repair.

Both Burck and Swavely would, as a result of the tows, be caught one lap down where they would remain for the remainder of the race due to a lack of cautions which would have given them the opportunity to take the wave around in order to get back on the lead lap.

With only 8 laps under green flag conditions, Beard and newcomer Jose Miguel Phillips Viguera would gamble and stay out while the rest of the field came into the pits for service.

Beard was able to hold onto the lead until lap 14 when Stofer would retake the top position in the field where he would be able to stretch his lead out to a few seconds over Travis Bennett for a dozen laps until Bennett found a few extra tenths and started to run Stofer back down.

However, as the field approached 17 to go, a caution brought out by Viguera would change the complexity of the race where the two leaders, who had extended their lead over the field by almost the enormous front straightaway, now found themselves having to not only battle each other on the restart but also a very aggressive field who were eager to ensure they would not be left behind in the final laps of the race.

Meanwhile, the Championship battle took a major twist as Brian Beard was caught speeding on his green flag pit stop. Beard would dodge an enormous bullet that would have seen his Championship lead evaporate because, while the race officials were reviewing the infraction, the Viguera caution eliminated the penalty that would have been served under green but resulted in an End of the Line penalty and kept him in touch with Andy Yerk.

Yerk, seeing the penalty being issued to Beard, made a bold, swing-for-the-fence strategy move and stayed out on used tires which gained him massive track position thus giving him a large race-points advantage over Beard who would have to climb back through the field in order to recover enough points to try to maintain the Championship lead.

As the green flag fell for the final stint, new tires proved too much of an advantage and Yerk found himself succumbing to the faster cars with more grip while Beard consistently passed cars.

Eventually Yerk and Beard would find themselves nose to tail with Yerk desperately trying to hold off Beard and try to at least shave off 5 points from the lead that Beard held. Eventually, with only two laps to go, Beard would be able to work his way around.

However the drama of the night occurred in the final turn on the final lap where Bennett, who had previously finished in second place a frustrating five times throughout the season, mounted a desperate lunge through the final corner.

Stofer, seeing Bennett dive for the shorter way around the corner, took the high line hoping to conserve his momentum for the inevitable drag race to the finish line.

Despite his efforts, the energy through the corner was too great and Bennett, ahead but not fully clear of Stofer, could not stop the nose of the car from washing out and tugging the rest of the Dallara up the track into the path of Stofer.

The right rear of Bennett wheel scraped the left front wing of Stofer, who was forced to surrender the lead; but both drivers kept the cars pointed straight and the battle continued to the finish line with Bennett wrestling away the victory from Stofer for his second win of the season.

The Throwback Indycar Series moves on to its final road course at the Circuit of the Americas on December 5th and it’s sure to be an incredible show.

Rick Ravon Winner

Chicagoland proved to be a different animal for the drivers of the Throwback Indycar Series several weeks ago as most of the racing was packed up throughout most of the duration of the race.

The drivers showed their capability to race these Dallaras wheel-to-wheel at over 200 mph and they put on an amazing show.

Rick Ravon had the field covered as he led 89 laps and a late-race pit stop miscue to storm his way to victory!

Brian Beard Winner Iowa

A record-setting 20-driver field registered for the final short track at Iowa Speedway last Thursday evening and 18 took the Green Flag.

This race saw several registered drivers make their first starts (Robert Blouin and Joe Hassert); some new drivers (Raul Alvarez) and even a 2020 sponsor, Scott Rupp, come out to push these IR05 Dallaras to their limits around Iowa Speedway!

Series regular Chris Stofer, new driver Joe Hassert and eventual race leader, Dan Geren brought out three relatively early cautions as they just clipped the unforgiving apron and spun.

After those early yellow flags, the drivers set in for several long Green Flag runs which set up the final, dramatic, seven laps when Rick Swavely, in a heated battle for 5th place, nipped the apron with his left front tire and spun.

As the leaders took the yellow flag, their gambles and strategy begun: Do you stay out and pray there is enough grip left in your 55-lap-old tires or do you give up track position for fresh tires to mount a last gasp assault for the victory?

When the pits opened, Dan Geren - on the proverbial island that late-lap leaders usually find themselves in this situation - and Brandon Shown rolled the dice and stayed out as the drivers sitting in positions three through seven dove for the hope that pit road servicing held.

The field received the "One-To-Go" signal from the flagman and Beard, Jeffers, and Garret drew their belts tight; raised their elbows and gritted their teeth against the seven lap challenge ahead of them as the final battle drew closer.

Dan Geren did his best to catch the field out on the restart and only was able to lurch ahead to a six-car length lead as Brandon Shown was on his game and ready to mash the throttle to keep Geren in striking distance.

One lap later, Shown and his second place position fell to the unstoppable attack that Beard was able to mount with new rubber.

Shown desperately tried to mount a counter attack but Beard took to the sanctuary of the high line and the momentum that it held and, once clear, Beard set his crosshairs on Geren, only three car lengths ahead.

As Geren crossed the start/finish line to begin lap 198, Beard was able to wedge his front wing under Geren’s left rear tire and took away the low lane, and with it, any chance Geren had to mount any sort of defense to retain first place.

With Geren relegated to the high lane and the momentary loss of momentum that Beard suffered in the attack, the door was left wide open for Erik Jeffers and John Garret to streak up to the gearbox of Beard.

The final two laps saw Beard go from the hunter to the hunted as he clung to the low line to defend as Jeffers and Garrett tried to knife their way into any position of advantage to pry the lead away.

The leaders saw the White Flag wave and, as the field roared out of Turn Four with the checkered flag in sight, the leaders crossed the finish line virtually three abreast with only 0.269 seconds separating the podium finishers.

Brian Beard scored his amazing fifth win of the season with Erik Jeffers and John Garret right on his heals respectively.

The Throwback Indycar Series and Nine Four Motorsports return in two weeks to Chicagoland!

Beard Winner

The beautiful wine country of the Sonoma Valley played host to the Throwback Indycar Series as it took to the circuit at Sonoma Raceway for Round 15 of the 2019 season.

The raceway, known for its challenging qualities owed to the course's natural topography, proved challenging for the drivers as many would fall victim to the track's ability to lure drivers into trying to coax a sliver too much of performance than the grip available.

The opening lap saw the stout road course racer, John Garrett get too anxious through Turns 3 and 3a and make contact with Marc Cohn.  Both would recover to finish on the podium as other drivers in the field had their share of troubles.

Brian Beard led 54 of the 59 laps of the contest and scored his fourth win of the season.

Marc Cohn mounted a late-race charge that saw him closing in on Beard but, unfortunately, ran out of laps before the checkered flag fell.

The series heads to the final short track of the season at Iowa Speedway on October 24!

Chris Stofer Winner

Nobody Panic and Nail the Pit Stop

If the last race at Michigan was a 200 mph knife fight, then this week’s race at Kentucky was a 200 mph chess match that saw overall pace; consistency; and unshakable nerves during green flag pit stops prevail.

Brian Beard won his third pole of the season and battled throughout the first eight laps with Chris Stofer for the race lead. However when Stofer was finally able to knife his way around Beard and into the top spot, he would go on to tame the rough tarmac of Kentucky and lead an impressive 118 laps towards victory.

Brian Beard and Bart Workman would both go on to lead 7 laps a piece and Zach Neubauer would tally up a single lap led.

While the fuel load of the cars could have lent itself to a very straight-forward two stop race, a lap 29 incident between Michigan winner, Brian Greenlee and Paul Krumrei brought out the only caution and slid the race into an interesting fuel strategy endeavor.

The incident occurred when Greenlee got alongside Krumrei entering Turn 3 and couldn’t hold the bottom lane through the center of the corner. The front tires couldn’t claw hard enough to keep the nose rotating and the car washed up painfully slowly into Krumrai who was battling hard on Greenlee’s outside. The contact was enough to send Paul sliding into the outside wall, forcing him to eventually tow back to the pits for repairs.

Krumrai would finish two laps down in ninth place and Greenlee would fortunately recover to a third place finish.

The race would remain caution free until the checkered flag waved, seeing green flag stops begin with approximately 53 laps remaining and the field praying to be able to save enough to see them through to the final lap.

Brian Beard would be the first out of the top three to wave the white flag of surrender to the fuel cell and pitted on lap 118 from second place. He would remain in the fourth position behind Chris Stofer and eventually wind up on the second step of the podium after the final rounds of pit stops.

Stofer quenched his Dallara’s thirst on lap 126 and, thanks to a healthy lead prior to committing to pit road, he would execute a flawless pit stop and rejoin the race in third place ahead of Brian Beard.

Bart Workman, who had pitted on lap 82, tried to stretch his fuel after inheriting the lead following Stofer’s pit stop but came up three laps short as he would be forced to pit on lap 131 and would surrender the lead of the race and would finish in sixth place.

The heartbreak of the event would come in the form of Zach Neubauer who, while running in second position, desperately tried to coax every molecule of ethanol into the motor but would come up one mile short as he ran out of fuel on the final lap and was forced to cough his machine across the finish line and wind up in a disappointing fifth place.

As Workman and Neubauer foundered in the waning laps of the race, Stofer would inherit the lead with Beard following in second.

The largest beneficiary of the late-race fuel woes was Brian Greenlee who would rally up into third place and finish on the podium in two consecutive races.

Join us in two weeks when the series sticks out its little pinky and heads out to wine country and the corners of Sonoma Raceway!

Brian Greenlee Winner

Heartbreak and Glory

It was a two hundred mile per hour knife fight in the Irish Hills of Michigan as the Throwback Indycar Series took to the banks of the Michigan International Speedway.

The racing action was cranked up to 11 from the drop of the green flag and continued until the checkers waved from the flag stand as the drivers jockeyed and defended their positions in the packs that dominated much of the racing.

The field separated early into two distinct groups that battled among themselves as the laps methodically ticked away and the first round of pit stops approached.

However, on lap 28, Richard Swavley would push up the track and make slight contact with Rick Ravon which set off a chain of contact between several drivers that, through the skill of the drivers, only resulted in minor damage to any of the lead pack cars.

On the subsequent restart, race leader and series newcomer, Marc Lavry Cohn, fell victim to old tires and the shadowy turbo which lurks in the power band just waiting to catch a driver off guard and spun the tires which sent him into the outside wall with minor contact.

Most drivers were available to avoid the stopped car but significant contact with Richard Swavely would send him to the pits for extensive repairs.

Green flag pit stops on Lap 67 would prove chaotic as series regular Zach Neubauer fell prey to an unruly rear end under braking as he pitted among six of the lead lapped cars which resulted in contact and significant damage for Championship Points Leader Andy Yerk. Thankfully the series’ one Fast Repair saved Yerk’s race and allowed him to continue his championship hopes.

As the field approached twenty laps remaining, the pressure began to ratchet upwards. The pack of cars consisting of the second through fourth place drivers methodically shaved away at the gap to first place driver Brian Beard.

They say that racing is a game of the hunters stalking the hunted and Lap after lap the lead shrank one tenth of a second at a time until that hungry pack of wolves finally closed in on the gearbox of Beard.

The final fifteen laps of The Irish Hills 200 was, as stated at the beginning of the article, a 200 mph knife fight as four drivers: Brian Beard, Rick Ravon, Travis Bennett, and Brian Greenlee battled for the top finishing positions.

Lap after lap, Beard attempted to defend the invaluable bottom line while the others ferociously tried to wedge themselves into the precious little space Beard would offer them as he battled to keep the car as low as possible while the tires scrubbed away their capability to do so.

Travis Bennett would be the first to attempt an outside attack as he sent his Dallara into the second lane alongside the machine of Beard.

However Bennett would surrender that high ground when Ravon pounced on an opening and made the top three cars three-wide down the front stretch to begin lap 90.

The final ten laps saw Ravon and Bennett alternate attacks as Beard tried in desperation to position his car to defend his lead as the laps evaporated.

Bennett carved his way back around Ravon and into second place and then tried to force his way under Beard on the backstretch with only 4 laps remaining. Beard slammed the door on that attempt which sent Bennett evading down onto the apron.

This opened the door for Ravon and Greenlee to slip by and position themselves to attack for the victory.

Ravon and Beard would scrap side-by-side for the next two laps until contact was made as they tried to position themselves for entry into Turn 3 which sent both cars into four-wheel slides: Beard into the grass beneath Turn 3 and Ravon onto the sliver of apron just above. Both drivers skillfully kept both cars straight and rejoined the track while Brian Greenlee and Travis Bennet slipped through the sliding cars and began a new battle for the victory.

For the next lap and a half, Bennett would try to no avail to take advantage of the draft and work the outside line to mount as many attacks as he could.

Brian Greenlee, thanks to patience and the capability to pounce on opportunities would hold off the prowling Bennet and take home his first victory in the Throwback Indycar Series… a victory made sweeter after connection issues took him out of podium contention a few short weeks ago at Gateway.

John Garrett Winner

Road course number 4 out of 6 is in the books and with a record number of drivers we were rewarded with an incredible race for the podium.

Bart Workman, Brandon Shown, Rick Ravon and eventual race winner John Garrett put on a multi-lap, open-wheel racing clinic while they battled for a position on the podium.

An early accident in Canada Corner involving series newcomer Marty Davis resulted in wing damage for Chris Stofer.

Stofer, the pole sitter would pit a lap later for a wing change but would, unfortunately, be caught by cold tires after rejoining the track and sliding into the tire barrier in Turn 1.

He would not be the last to be caught out by the car as several others would fall victims to spins that would either end their day early or move them down the standings.

The road course battle of the year occurred just after mid race when the top four drivers, who had been close to each other up until that point, spent lap after lap taking turns attacking and defending through the second round of pit stops.

Bart workman would eventually pull out to lead the field but a fluke double shift while entering into turn 14 would lead to the evaporation of his lead.

He would recover to finish on the last step of the podium.

Rick Ravon, who had been right in the mix of the lead drivers, would validate his presence in the series as he took the second step of the podium one week after his series debut victory at Gateway.

Brandon Shown finished fourth but could have easily been on the podium as he continued his strong performance from his second place finish at Gateway.

Brian Greenlee rounded out the top 5. His only misstep occurred on Lap 9 when he went a few meters long in the braking zone and tapped series newcomer Marty Davis.

Marty would soldier on and finish in the top 10.

Andy Yerk, the season championship leader, would finish in the 8th position and, thanks to Workman's strong finish, see his points lead shrink to 50 points.

In two weeks, the Throwback Indycar Series heads to the high-speed banks of Michigan International Speedway!

Don't miss what is sure to be an exciting race!

Rick Ravon Race Winner

The Nine-Four Motorsports Throwback Indycar Series finally got back underway last Thursday night under the lights at Gateway Motorsports Park for 160 laps of excitement.

Heartbreak struck at the initial drop of the green flag when road course ace, Jackson Freer, and series newcomers, Rick Swavely and Sean Fay took early damage from a mid-pack check-up as the field came to the start.

Swavely fought back for a 6th place finish while Fay's evening ended early from a later solo accident and Freer succumbing to connection failure.

Series regulars Brian Greenlee and Chris Stofer also fell to connection issues: Greenlee had spent the night working his way to the top 4 and was positioning himself to threaten for the win before his issues robbed him of a solid finish while Stofer's championship hunt took a significant hit with his internet woes.

Rick Ravon had an astonishing series debut with a strong run to take the victory!

A shoestring pit road move put Ravon out of pit road inches ahead of Stofer on lap 45 and he held onto the top spot for the remainder of the race to take the checkered flag.

Series regulars Andy Yerk and Brandon Showen battled it out in the latter stages of the race for second place and as the checkered flag fell, Yerk lost out to Showen for the second step on the podium but improved his championship hopes massively with a strong finish.

The second half of the season rolls on with rare back-to-back race weeks as these Throwback Indycar Series drivers take on the famous Road America this coming Thursday night!

As always, new drivers are welcome in the series and they will receive 40% of the current championship leader's points to get a good footing in the series' inaugural season.

Brian Beard Winner

The first half of the Throwback Indycar Series comes to a close with a third victory for Brian Beard!

Chris Stofer climbed the standings from his 6th place starting place to finish second while Jeff Wubker continues his strong performance on the third step of the podium.

Track Temperatures in excess of 120 degrees turned the normally lightning fast Watkins Glen into a technical, challenging escapade that demanded constant attention to the throttle and a precise dedication to the racing line.

A lap one incident put the outside pole sitter and road course ringer, Jackson Freer, deep into a hole that he spent the remainder of the 44 laps clawing out of to finish ninth.

Brian Greenlee put forth a strong showing in his series debut despite a few missteps. His tenacity netted him an impressive fourth place finish on the day.

Rounding out the top 5 was Brandon Shown who improved his championship standing and moved up into the sixth spot for the season.

The Throwback Indycar Series returns to action on August 22nd under the lights at Gateway for the "Gateway to the West 200" on ESBN.

Stofer Winner

Chris Stofer becomes the second multi-race winner in the Throwback Indycar Series as he showed his consistency throughout the evening.

Pit Road mistakes plagued Travis Bennett as he led 74 laps but relinquished the top-running position during green-flag pit stops.

Brian Beard, the series only other multi-race winner, remained as consistent as Stofer and came home on the second step of the podium.

The Pit Road also proved troublesome for last week's winner, Erik Jeffers as the hard-charging driver had his work cut out for him after errors on pit road and a half-spin after a altercation with the apron. However in the end, he stood on the third step of the podium with a third place finish.

Championship leader Andy Yerk had a rough evening under the lights and walked away from the race seven laps down and a 7th place finish.

He was still atop the championship board after the challenging event.

Travis Bennett was able to shave 16 points off of Yerk's lead and move up from 3rd to 2nd place in the championship standings.

Stofer was 182 points behind Yerk in 4th place but was able to claw to within 144 with the win and secure third place in the standings.

The driver who lost the most ground in the Championship standings was Bart Workman who had registered for the race but failed to take the green flag.

That moved him down two places in the standings and he now resides in 4th place.

With one race remaining in the first half of the Throwback Indycar Series inaugural season, we continue to have new drivers registering for the league.

The final stop in the first half of the season will be the super-speedway of road courses Watkins Glen. The ever-popular course is sure to provide exciting racing and set up the second half of the season for an amazing climax.

UCORA is still accepting new drivers for the Throwback Indycar Series and, as they have throughout the year, will be awarding new drivers 40% of the current championship leader's points to get them involved in the points chase.

Erik Jeffers Winner

The Throwback Indycar Series Race number 8 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway had a bit of everything: Close racing; long, green-flag runs; strategy; and fuel mileage heartbreak.

But in the end, in only his second race in the series, Erik Jeffers prevailed on fuel strategy and outlasted Brian Beard and Bart Workman. He passed Chris Stofer in the closing laps to take the lead and held on to take his first win.

Stofer was forced to pit soon after the pass by Jeffers which put a damper on an otherwise brilliant Pit Road Start to leading the pack drive.

Travis Bennett continued his strong showing with his third podium finish in the last 4 races and 5 out of his 6 races in the series.

Taking the third step of the podium with his best finish since the season opener was Jeff Wubker with another strong showing in his second start in the series.

Brian Peele also had his best finish of Fourth Place since the Series Opener way back in February!

The 80-Lap race saw 2 cautions and a lot of great racing.

This series is evolving and growing into a massively fun experience for our drivers and we can't wait to see it grow further!

Brian Beard Winner

Brian Beard took on a Texas-Sized field (well... at least the largest field of our season at 17!) and came out on top for his second win of the season!

Brian will go down in the annals of UCORA lore as the first two-time winner in League history!

Travis Bennett Winner Milwaukee

The Throwback Indycar Series drivers traveled to the historic, famous Milwaukee Mile and tackled their first short track not only of the season but in the short history of the series.

200 laps around the oldest operating race track proved to be eventful as the series saw a season-high number of cautions as the curbs reared their ugly heads and punished unwary drivers who tried to take too much liberty with them.

Travis Bennett overcame an early accident and worked his way back up through the field and put himself out front to take the top step of the podium!

Series newcomer Jeff Wubker made a splash in his debut and took the second step of the podium after the dust settled.

After a few tough races, series regular Bart Workman worked his way up to the third step of the podium and came home in 3rd place.

The series saw several newcomers this week as Jeff Wubker, Mark Nadeau, Steven Parks and Zach Neubauer took their first green flag with the series.

Steven Parks had several bad breaks and ended up behind the wall before the checkered flag fell while Mark Nadeau had several run-ins with the curbs that ended in several spins while Zach Neubauer had personal issues that came up before qualifying that forced his bowing out before the green flag fell.

The series is growing and seeing increased interest as it enjoys its second broadcasted race with eSBN.

Brian Beard Wins Mid Ohio

Race 5 of 20 is in the books and Brian Beard takes home the win at Mid-Ohio!

It was a race of missteps where one toe placed over the line was the difference between holding onto the lead and watching a competitor slide by to inherit the top position.

Brian Beard, despite being put under unrelenting pressure by Jackson Freer in the final ten laps, kept his Dallara IR05 up front and took the checkered flag to win at the deceptively challenging Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

Congratulations to Jackson Freer and Bart Workman for rounding out the top 3 and standing on the podium!

Chris Stofer Wins Highlight

Kansas Speedway proved to be the most exciting race of the young season.  Chris Stofer led the melee of the top group of drivers that included Travis Bennett and Tony Showen over the final ten laps to stay ahead of the scrap to take home the checkered flag.

Tony Showen Winner2

Tony Showen takes advantage of a late-race restart to pass series newcomer Travis Bennett with only a handful of laps to go to take home the victory in Motegi!

Pit road miscues bite several drivers and shuffles the field throughout the day to spice up the running order after both green-flag stops to set up the final, hectic restart which occurred after contact between Andrew Peele and Christopher Shelton when Shelton made contact with the outside wall on the exit of Turn 4.

The largest field to date in the new Throwback Indycar Series shows the promising future for the series as the new driver registrations continue to arrive at the UCORA Offices.

Bart Workman leads wire-to-wire to bring home the victory at Sebring.

Sebring International Raceway is a staple in auto racing.  Its healthy technical mix of high-speed and tight corners is made even more challenging by the roughness of the track surface making every corner an exercise in throttle control.

Series newcomer Bart Workman tamed these challenges and led wire-to-wire to bring home the victory at the Throwback Indycar Series second race of the season.

Coming home on the second step of the podium was Michael Moorley who is also new to the series.

Rounding out the podium spots was league owner, Scott Bolster who made a rare series start.  He battled back after technical issues forced his temporary retirement to the garage.

The series takes the show across the Pacific to the banks of the Twin-Ring Motegi Oval.  The series lands in Japan on Thursday, March 7 for 200 miles around the slippery track.

Nine Four Throwback Indycar Series Official 2019 Logo

In all forms of racing sponsorship means a lot.

A sponsorship is far more than monetary support; and when a company commits to the endeavors of a racing team or a league such as ours it means that company sees potential in us.

Furthermore, when a team or a league commits to showcasing a company it means that we see a genuine product or service that we are proud to be associated with.

Today we are proud to announce a partnership with a company that not only believes in our potential but one that we see as an amazing source of racing expertise for the racing world and an invaluable gateway for drivers and teams who need fast, safe and competitive cars to drive on race day.

Nine Four Motorsports provides just that: a racing family atmosphere to their customers with the expertise and knowledge to get them on the podium.

As a Super Late Model driver in the upper Mid-West, I can truly understand and appreciate the capability and resources that Nine Four Motorsports brings to the track.

We are elated to call them our partner for the Throwback Indycar Series in 2019.

Please visit their website at https://ninefourmotorsports.com/ and see all of the amazing services they have to offer the racing community.

We are still recruiting for the Throwback Indycar Series and you can register for the league through our website: ultimate-conquest-racing.com

2019 Race 1 Andy Yerk Winner Showcase

History has been made.

Andy Yerk wins the very first UCORA race as he takes the checkered flag in the inaugural Throwback Indycar Series race at Homestead-Miami Speedway!

We are still recruiting and building this series so head over to the Registration Page and sign up today!

Remember, for our inaugural season only, we will be awarding newly registered drivers 40% of the current Championship Point Leader's points.  We hope this will motivate new drivers to commit to the series and compete the rest of the season!

The 2020 Throwback Indycar Series Champion will win a full Track Day Drivers Experience through our Title Sponsor, Nine-Four Motorsports!

This is an absolutely incredible opportunity for a sim racing driver who will have the experience of driving a real world race car!